Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Chameleon of Silence


                       Is it this epoch that breeds

the conspiracy of your silence?

Has the Green Lord

sloughed off the candour

of his bullet-anger?

Has the snake accepted

the tread on its tail?

Has the dog flanked its tail

with its legs?

To blend with the mosaic

of demo-crazy.

To erect ramparts

around the backdoor trust-hiefs

accepting their colour.

To slaughter their evils

with the cutlass of your power.

To bury their mien

in the grounds of consultation.

Our Lion of Literature     

From The Lion and the Jewel
To Alapata Apata
You become the thorn in the skin
The thick skin of despots
Inflicting the pains of Abiku

Your pen roars
Your pen echoes
Travelling around the jungle
The jungle of the earth
Across the Nile
Across the Sahara
Across the Atlantic
Your words travel
With your roars
Consuming injustice
Like the fire consumes
In harmattan

The king of comedy
The king of theatre
You rack our brains
With your neologic magic
Confusing the English with English
You are an ocean
Your depth unknown
Your honour, our honour
The first Nobel of our continent
Your praises I sing
The stooge of Ogun
I sing your praises
The scion of Essay
Your praises I sing
Who will challenge your honours?
Who will silent your voice?
None...with your vault of honours
None...with the temerity of your wit
None...with your white strands of hair
The scion of Essay
Your praises I sing
Again and again
Like the Nightingale sings

My lines must be full
Your years of treading the Generals’ toes
Treading the Serpents’ tails
With your hard boots of words
Defiling their fangs
Defiling their stings
Elusive like an eel
Unchanging like a hill
You are true OSO-YIN-KA
Our compound of wit

Words are the whales
You are the ocean
Words are the fighter jets
You are the sky
In you they thrive
Our Kongi
At 80, the world bows
At 81, the world wonders
The stooge of Ogun
The Irunmole of words

The trumpet sounds from you
The cock of the masses
Calling our attention to pains
That shroud the masses
In the name of governance
Even in your septo-years
Your pen continues to dance
Your words wobble not
You prove your WS
You lay eggs of words on...

As you continue to plough
The world of the living
We will continue to seek your feet
To seek your voice
To seek your words

May your words never wither
May your voice never quavers
Professor of Professors
Teacher of Teachers
The Lion of our Literature

I doff my cap.
                                                ©Seun Adeleke, 2015.


Thank God election has come and gone. It is now left for the people's Presidential mandate--Retired General Muhammadu Buhari to avoid the pitfalls of the incumbent President. We will know your regime from your lieutenants--your ministers. We are here watching. Nigeria must fly.  I congratulate Nigerians on the just concluded successful elections.              



 The Time (on the forthcoming election)

                            It has come again
                The time
                Harbingers of terror
                Are out again
                Milling about our land
                Like vultures on corpses
                They are here again
                Digging out our memories
                A time in the past
                Our nights were days
                Our days were nights
                When terror was legal
 Our trademark
                Their heads are out again
                With the other side of the coin
                To fight a former self
                When will you harness them?
                The talent in them
                Or are they just for the time?
                To scare
                To inflict fear
                To consume
                Like harmattan fire
                In our memories again
                We remember
                A time in the past
                The time
                                                                Seun Adeleke.

It was a great one today (27th December, 2014) at Bank-Anthony hall UI as great minds shower encomiums on Professor Niyi Osundare. His poems was examined from the scene of innocent innovation through the regime of anarchy till the merit award. It is good to be with Biodun Jeyifo and other great minds.





From the left, Professor Femi Osofisan, Professor Niyi Osundare and Professor Biodun Jeyifo at the Ibadan Committee for Truth and Development (ICTD) lecture, UI.

Election is coming. Are you prepared? Are you going to sell your votes again?

I know you watch my shadows
truth is sacrosanct
you may delete me
but I will still be available
to finger the truth
on this keyboard
to the awaiting globe...

Vote right...we cannot continue in this mess...
Hack my blog again...

Good governance we deserve

A messiah we deserve

Out of this quagmire

Out of this bog

Sinking and sinking

Only to rise when ready

The time to rise again is here

Is this abyss our home

It is you

It is I

Who will change the fate

Our progenies await our decisions

Choose right

Choose with conscience

Choose for the future

Crack well!


 Worse than blindness!

  If you want to know two things that are worse than blindness in this age, THEY are

 1. Inability to operate a computer and

  2. Not participating in social networking.


What do you feel when you keep climbing a hill and you keep falling. When you feel like you are on a quicksand but you are on a hill. A year plus...what can i say but...

                      LABYRINTH OF LIFE



                            On the path to tread

                           In the throng of life

                           Tossing around like a dry leave on the ground

                           Labyrinth of life




Goodbye to an icon who changed the world with his pen..the panther of proverbs...Chinua Achebe

                         May your Soul rest in peace.


When Things Fall Apart
 When things fall apart
The centre will not hold
The West will not hear the East
The East will not hear the West
Mere anarchy will be let loosed.

When leaders slumber
When youths graduate unemployed
When people are devil’s workshop
When crafts turn wingless birds
When things fall apart
Mere anarchy will be let loosed.

When only the few ride in gold
When the masses walk the road of misery
When the leaders church their fist on power
Like wrestlers ready for battle
When the young ones go hungry
When vultures wait on the hungry ones
When things fall apart
Mere anarchy will be let loosed.

When government are tortoise
When leaders are fox
When the masses are forced to Egypt
When everybody is made weird wild
When things fall apart
Mere anarchy will be let loosed.



I want to give everybody visiting my blog a chance to read my motivational book...

Achieving your life goals treading the right paths
             Adeleke I. Oluwaseun


Formulas give answers to questions so are principles. Making it happen in life takes following the right course to get life-changing goals. Principles are known to always prevail and to find solution to problems though this may take a snail-pace at the start but if faithfully followed will yield unending achievement that will bring global fame. I examine the principles of HARDWORK in this book and how they can be used to achieve life-changing goals. Many believe that success comes with ease but I want you to know this is ones in a blue moon and never wait for such because it may not come to you. Follow the principles of hardwork in this book, make them your daily formulas and I assure you a global success in anything you do.
H- How to start.
A- Attempt the hardest task.
R- Roll for the best
D- Do your best
Dine with the best
W- Wheel your life towards your goal(s)
O- Organize your thoughts to accommodate only your goals.
R- Ready to reap your handiwork
K- Knit yourself with goal-getters and Achievers
                  Thank you.
Adeleke I. Oluwaseun

How to start
It is a pity that many people find it hard to find their foothold in life due to indecision or the various circumstances they are in.         
How we start in life matters a lot because it will determine our destination. A traveller traveling to a point B must surely start from a point A. The problem people confront in life on how to start in life is numerous.
Successful people are born out of difficult situations but it is a pity that difficult situations have steered most people away from the path they ought to tread.
People fail in life because they start on a visionless and undetermined path which may be caused by background or the people one start with in life. I could remember a time during my secondary school years when I was a total failure in my academics I need to retrace my step and look at how to start on the RIGHT path to success.
You will all agree that most youths today find it hard to start on a well-befitting path due to situations but the most successful people with the most difficult start-up situations.
A person travelling to a destination of success must start on the RIGHT path of determination and focus. The adage if you don’t know where you are going, you go back to where you are coming from may not be applicable in life due to time but wondrous things have been achieved by the determined old ones though this may not be an easy path to tread for everybody. I have read about old people who started a business and really succeeded.
Determination and focus are two qualities for a good start-up. Determination can take anybody to places one does not expect. I have been determined on personal issues and witnessed a huge success (for example having in mind to finish something within a particular time). Determination will surely lead to focus an instrument essential for success.
To get determined, you must day-dream your goal to get to where you are going. Leaders (good leaders) have been known to be great dreamers. Abraham Lincoln dreamed of freedom for the slaves, Martin Luther King jnr. dreamed an equal and free America for everybody, Awolowo dreamed of a western Nigeria with good education for both the rich and the poor.
Starting on the right path is the key to success. Know how to start with determination, with focus, with eyes wide open and mind ready to catch any flimsy opportunity to catapult you as an individual to the greatest height.
How to start in life is really a hard task for so many people but if you can get it right with the right guidance and qualities like an athlete about to start a race and have the mind of winning surely you will be the Ussain Bolt of success.
Take note, how you start in life will determine where you are going, what you get and where you get to in life.
Friend, you need to know starting up in life is not easy. This is not to terrify but to prepare you to buckle your belt well in life.

How to start
nly the determined and the focused enjoy the successful end-product of a journey.

Success is a journey that can never be completed in life.

Thank You.